Friday, January 22, 2010

Things I Learned the First Day of Class

There are 6912 languages in the world.

Papua New Guinea speaks more languages (820) than any other country.

English has the most words; Taki-Taki has the least.

Kamir has the largest alphabet with 74 letters. Rotokans has the smallest with 12 letters.

Hans Christian Andersen was a bloody liar.

Every time you hear a tuning fork you have NEVER heard that exact sound before in your life.

Ogliodendrocytes are a type of glial cell that produce and maintain myelin. They're also fun to say.

The olfactory nerve is the only sensory nerve that doesn't take a detour through the thalamus before heading to it's appointed association location.

Rostro is another word for "face" in spanish.

Agua is a masculine word. Apparently I should have learned this years ago.

Scandinavian countries are generally very progressive, and the president of Iceland is not only a woman but is openly gay.

The Ugly Duckling in the original version was quite the smart ass.

Goodnight Hall is far away. From EVERYTHING.

Engineering Hall, on the other hand, is fantastic, conveniently located, and my new favorite building.

It's cheaper to buy bottled soda at the library than Walgreens.

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