Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mission Stop Being Such A Pathetic Human Being

Today was day one of Mission Stop Being Such A Pathetic Human Being (Mission Stop, for short). The goal of this mission is to regain, if not surpass, the level of physical fitness I was at approximately a year ago. The short term goal is a half marathon in April....we'll see if that happens. Anyways..

Day One: It's snowing. This didn't by any means affect anything, I just felt the need to share it. I headed for the ever-popular Glacier Drumlin Bike Trail, and headed south towards the river. Not only is this part of the trail much prettier than the downtown portion, but it also smells significantly less like a pile of poo that's been lit on fire. I accomplished 2.5 miles of movement, about 2 miles of if was actually running. So, overall, I'd consider day one a minor success. I was pretty excited about one thing, however - there is no problem whatsoever with my legs. Therefore, lung capacity and endurance are my hurdles. I see this as a good thing because it's incredibly less painful to have your chest burning for a few minutes than to have sore legs for a day. Go me.

Then I came home and had hot chocolate, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and Tostitos. I never said anything about eating healthy.

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