Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Start? Meh.

I hope my kids are good today. Maybe this will be just a vent. It's only 9:00 am.

1. Nothing good was on TV. There is no news on in the morning. It's sad, really. Stupid fat Americans are fretting over the proper way to crimp a pie so it's up to Martha Stewart's standards, or how many pairs of shoes the average woman knows, or how women aren't gaining enough weight during pregnancy.

2. The weatherman told me it would rain on my way to work. But it looks sunny now so I'll forgive that one.

3. Due to some amateur investigative work on the internets, I've decided that I will probably be sticking to pen and paper from now on. That and I'll go back to my "Fine, I'll clean everything even though the majority of it isn't mine" mode.

However, there are some things that make me feel awesome.

1. My kiddos at school. They're adorable. They know my name now. "Maestra Joelle! Maestra Joelle! Mira! Mira! Juega conmigo!" Why yes, my little Latino Fuego, I will play with you. Let's go show those monkey bars who's boss. Only two more days until my babies graduate to the wide world of Kindergarten!

2. We've found the perfect dog. A curly-coated retriever.
The pups are pretty cute, too.
They're fairly hypo-allergenic, get to be around 85 lbs, and when they shed it comes off in giant clumps so it's pretty easy to clean. They're incredibly obedient and very good with children. The only problem is that they're fairly rare in America. They're also quite pricey since they're mainly used as show dogs and excellent hunting dogs. I believe it was an average of $500 for a family dog and $600 for a show dog. But hey, so we have to invest $500 and take a road trip. I personally think it's totally worth it. We'd get a road trip out of it, and we'd safe a ton of money on kenneling costs since we could send our little pup to Mom and Dad's if we ever took a vacation.

3. I get to go to the Comedy Club tonight. No idea what the show is, but it should be good.

Journal time.