Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 month attention span

I've been sitting at the library for about 2 hours now, distraction free, and have completed a mere bullet pointed list of things I could consider including in my 5 page semi-research paper due tomorrow. That "wall" they speak of has officially been hit.

In fact, I think I crashed into it head-on about a week ago; I've been sick, tired, distracted, and anxious. The sick, tired, and distracted I don't mind. The anxious I do, because I can't figure out why. I've been busier than I am now, I've been more stressed than I am now, my friends have been in worse moods than they are now; there's no explanation for it. Regardless what I think about that gut-wrenching feeling that something is wrong pops up every hour or so, with a headache on the side. Regardless of who I think about, from my best friends to classroom acquaintances, it keeps appearing too; which I think is a good thing, in that I'm hopefully not subconsciously churning inside about one person in particular.

The only thing that makes it go away is thinking about going home and hanging out with my sister and brother and all the little munchkins I babysit. The only thing I want to do is get away from everyone, everyone everyone. Which is weird...I'm a big fan of company. This has a point, really, I'm not just complaining:

In conclusion, there needs to be an extended break period for college students at least once every two months. We're pushing 2 months...and chaos is ensuing.

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