Monday, August 3, 2009

Running For Waffles

An odd title. But meaningful. To me, to one person, maybe two, who understands where it came from.

It came from motivation. Something I once knew quite well in a past life but has since left me for newer and younger models. I love waffles, they are probably one of the best foods ever invented (besides tomatoes and cookies, of course). The perfect combination of soft pastry insides and crisp crunchy outsides; capable of being doused with anything from strawberries to chocolate, sugar to peanut butter. I have a friend who shares my love for waffles, and we would always eat them after we went running together. Motivation. At the time my mind was set in the simple mode of thinking that the only reason this set up worked is because I liked waffles. How incredibly wrong I was. Yes, I liked waffles. But I also liked running. No, that's a lie; I LOVED running. I was capable of running. Five or six miles a day was nothing; I looked forward to it.

Now? Pssht. I'm an invalid. I want to be able to run again. I've made countless lists and calenders of training schedules that I promised myself I would follow. I think of what I am going to do tomorrow to finally start to get back in shape again. Tomorrow. I'll start tomorrow. Or tomorrow. Or tomorrow. Or tomorrow. Or perhaps tomorrow. I know what I want, and I know what I was capable of; shouldn't that be motivation enough? Apparently not.

So why the lack of motivation? I have no idea. It seems to be a trend this year. Maybe that's why old people need drugs and plans to help them lose weight or never go back to school. Age? Responsibility? Acceptance? School doesn't matter as much anymore, it's not as crucial to get straight A's, and going to a good school is an excuse to no longer be the top of the class. I want to enjoy my summer and socialize with friends, so extra free time is needed. I have enough money to get through a good portion of next year, and I don't want to be too stressed out, so why find a second job? I work pretty much every day, keeping me busy, and I'm very happy with my body, so there is no reason for me to exercise.

Maybe I'm just really good at coming up with excuses. More likely I'm just becoming lazy. If anyone knows the anectdote for laziness, please let me know. I'd like my motivation back, I've missed it and we're well over due for a reunion.

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