Sunday, October 4, 2009

Smiley Face French Fries

I finally got that job I needed. Babysitting. Aka playing in a park with the occasional Play-Doh break. It's only two times a week; sometimes three. Nothing big, but I figure that the extra cash I'll have from this semester alone will be enough to pay for a decent ski trip this winter. So all-in-all: TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!

I've come to the intriguing and epiphany-like conclusion that being busy is the key to my success. I need to be busy. Literally, NEED. Being busy forces me to prioritize. Prioritizing forces me to be productive. Productivity forces me to succeed. Like I said, business is the key to my success.

This all came about around hour 4 in the library. I had done four solid hours of homework; something that I don't believe has been accomplished since finals last year. I actually STUDIED. You know, not doing busy work or writing an essay, but reviewing information in order to commit it to memory. I hate studying.

The point is, if I keep this up I have a feeling I can kick some major ass GPA-wise. There are some setbacks, however, as there are with everything in life. Tonight my room mate and I got kicked out of two libraries because they were closing. Two. The first one closed at 8:00, so we went to another one, which closed at 11:45.

Today's Saturday, by the way.

Saturday night, at 11:45, we were in a library complaining that they were closing. That's....10 hours in a library. On a Saturday. This better pay off.

Good news, though. We finally bought batteries for our TV remote. This means that we no longer have to get up and physically plug the TV into the wall in order to turn it on. The power button on the TV is broken. Our remote had no batteries. It was a sad existence. Plus, this new remote glows in the dark. Double bonus! Oh yeah, and we made smiley face french fries.

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